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Yoga & Meditation

El Campanario, Marbella, Estepona, San Pedro de Alcántara

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Yoga with Olya & Stas

Welcome to our yoga family! We are delighted to greet you on our website, where for almost 10 years, we have been helping people discover harmony and strength within themselves through the practice of Yoga and meditation. Join us and immerse yourself in a world of balance, flexibility, and inner peace. Start your exciting journey with us right now!

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Morning Yoga in
Beautiful Studio

The classes take place in the beautiful El Campanario Golf & Country House, located near San Pedro (Marbella). The venue is fully equipped with mats, changing rooms, showers, and a spacious, convenient parking area. All you need is comfortable clothing!

Hatha yoga sessions include not only asanas (physical exercises) but also breathwork practices (pranayama) and other techniques for developing concentration and calming the mind.

Groups are limited to 10 people to ensure that we can give individual attention and tailor the practice accordingly.

Tuesday / Thursday
(Eng / Ru)


20 € per class / 120 € subscription for 8 classes


Evening Yoga
by the Sea

Playa de San Pedro de Alcántara

Yoga sessions for beginners by the seaside in San Pedro de Alcántara!

Classes take place outdoors during sunset, when it's neither too cold nor too hot, with the sound of the sea as a backdrop. Being completely under the supervision of Nature, which imparts energy and balance not only to our body but also to the mind! With an experienced yoga instructor Olga Belovidova, you'll be able to immerse yourself in the true world of yoga and enhance yourself not only on a physical level but also on a mental and spiritual level.


Tuesday / Thursday
 (Eng / Ru)

15 € per class / 100 € subscription for 8 classes


Yoga for beginners
in park Tikitano by Besaya

Yoga for both beginners and experienced practitioners that will help you calm your mind, strengthen and make your body flexible, find answers to long-standing questions, know yourself, and discover the path to causeless happiness.

We teach practical and classical techniques of yoga from Ancient Tibet and India, learned from accomplished masters we studied under.

The shortest path to spiritual growth and happiness is Yoga!


Temporarily  Closed

Private sessions

British scientists have proven that personal yoga sessions with a coach are 87% more effective than group classes. And self-guided sessions through YouTube videos can even lead to injuries and suffering. 😇


Because when you practice yoga

personally with a teacher, you receive:

- Convenient time and location for you
- Practice and intensity tailored to your level
- Sessions specifically designed for your growth and tailored to your needs.
- All attention, energy, and knowledge focused solely on you.

By practicing yoga with a personal guide, you will achieve your desired results

quickly and effectively in a short period of time.

We, the Yoga Family - Olga and Stas Belovidov, certified yoga instructors with extensive experience, possess unique knowledge in yoga, anatomy, and body biomechanics. We have conducted numerous workshops and Vipassana retreats. The uniqueness of our partnership lies in the fusion of feminine and masculine energies, like Yin and Yang, as we have been practicing yoga together for 12 years. This enables us to find balance on all levels and learn to live in harmony.


Write to us in direct messages, and we will coordinate the time with you!


WhatsApp / Telegram: +34610782053

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